Solutions & Alternatives

mages depicting various solutions to our environmental and sustainability-related problems are the focus of this section. Sometimes a solution to one problem creates another problem. Wind turbines kill birds. Sometimes there are several competing solutions, each with costs and problematic side effects. For these reasons, images included in this section depict a variety of alternatives, and there may be no clear consensus concerning which are the "real" solutions.


Bike-Train Transportation

Smart Growth & Attractive Density

Water & Energy Efficient Landscaping

Electric Cars

Green Waste Recycling

Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling

Concrete Recycling

Collection of Recyclables

Oil Recycling

Recycling Processing Facility

Wind Turbines

Electric Cars

Light Rail Passenger Trip

Bus Portraits

Commuter Ferry

Walking & Biking Downtown

Home Landscaping

Public Flower Garden & Park

Trees With Fall Colors

White Flowering Street Trees

Urban Park Ponds & Pools

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